Parcel and Freight Add-On for SAP

Generate value for your customers by creating an always-on, always-connected, real-time, transparent supply chain.

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Tender and manifest packages using SAP

E-Commerce and Omnichannel

A powerful embedded shipping platform that uses modern integration technology to tender packages and freight. Activate shipping in your existing SAP system and work directly with your transportation partners.

Pack, Weigh, Label, Ship, Track, Report

Save time and money with this automated, real-time, reliable, easy-to-use shipping solution. Access a broad network of major carriers located throughtout the world.

Smart Digital Network with ASN & POD

With the touch of a button, communicate electronically with your carriers to ship from warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing sites. Suports many distribution scenarios, including high volume, B2C, B2B, and third-party distribution to support Amazon, Home Depot and the like.

Work with Your Favorite Carriers

Generate superior value for your customers and improve end-to-end value chains by adding time-critical shipping functions to your SAP system. Experience these benefits:

SAP shipping for UPS

Ship with UPS…

Efficient Processing

Generate and print carrier-specific shipping lables and documents directly from SAP

Ship with FedEx…

SAP shipping for FedEx

Real Time Visability

Perform Parcel Tracking within SAP. Capture Proof of Delivery (POD) details, including the delivery date and time, and name of person who signed for package.

SAP shipping for DHL

Ship with DHL…

Automate and Streamline Logistics Processes

Connect Weighing Scales, Barcode Scanners, and Label Printers to SAP

Ship with DPD…

SAP shipping for DPD

Monitor and Manage Carriers

Capture the freight costs, tracking numbers and POD details of each shipment in data lakes for reporting

SAP shipping for USPS

Ship with USPS…

Supports Demanding and Complex Transportation

Select multi-carrier, mutli-modal, multi-service options to reach customers located throughout the world

Ship with Purolator…

SAP shipping for Purolator

Reduce Shipping Errors

Validate ship-to addresses when requesting shipping labels.

SAP shipping for Canada Post

Ship with Canada Post…

Minimize Data Syncing Errors

Leverage Existing SAP Data to Generate and Print Labels.

Ship with OnTrac…

SAP shipping for OnTrac

Prepare for Carrier Pickup

Print an End of Day Shipment Manifest for the Carriers' drivers

Many more carriers available!

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  • Live Demonstration in SAP S/4HANA

  • Overview of Implementation Project

Learn about a powerful SAP shipping extension that uses state-of-the-art integration tools to communicate with carriers located throughout the world. Activate shipping in your existing SAP system and start working with your favorite transportation partners.

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