SAP Best Practices for Shipping with Parcel Carriers

The outbound delivery process in SAP starts with the creation of an outbound delivery. This can be done with reference to a sales order. Once the outbound delivery is created, the picking process can begin. This involves selecting items from a warehouse. Once the items have been picked, they can be packed. This involves placing items in packaging materials. Finally, the items can be shipped to the customer.

Outbound Logistics: Business Process Flow

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Delivery processing steps in SAP


Create sales order. A sales order serves as a basis for the outbound delivery.


Create an outbound delivery. The system can pick items automatically during outbound delivery creation. You can also specify the items you want to pick manually.


Pick the items. The picking process is tracked using picking statuses. Once the items have been picked, you can pack them.


Pack the items. You can pack the items into boxes or other containers. Once the items have been packed, you can ship them.


Ship the items. Post goods issue and ship the items. You can ship the items by parcel carrier, freight carrier, or other means of transportation.


Parcel tracking. Perform real-time parcel tracking within existing logistics documents, including sales order, delivery and shipment.


Proof of delivery. Capture the date and time product arrived at the customer location, as well as the name of the person who signed for the package.

Error handling. If there are any errors during the outbound delivery process, you can correct them and continue with the process.

Additional notes

  • The specific steps involved in outbound delivery processing may vary depending on your company’s specific requirements.

  • It is important to follow your company’s procedures for outbound delivery processing.

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